Beniamino Paganini

Accompanist, harpsichord

Beniamino Paganini, born in 1994, is a versatile musician with expertise in traverso, harpsichord, and claviorganum. He holds the title of "maestro al cembalo" and is also a dedicated music teacher and passionate musicologist. In addition to his proficiency in traverso, harpsichord, and claviorganum, he is skilled in playing the organ and recorder.
In 2020, Beniamino Paganini earned the prestigious title of "Young Musician of the Year," as bestowed by the Belgian music press. His outstanding achievements were further recognized when he was chosen as one of the "twenty musicians in their twenties" in 2021 by Radio Klara. Paganini's excellence in his craft is evident through multiple first prizes, and notably, he received the 'Sonderpreis der Jury' at the International Telemann Competition in 2021.

Beniamino Paganini is not only an accomplished musician but also the co-founder, alongside Nele Vertommen, and serves as the general and artistic director of the baroque ensemble Musica Gloria. Through this ensemble, he annually presents approximately thirty concerts for esteemed organizations such as AMUZ (BE), Bachfest Leipzig (DE), BOZAR (BE), Concertgebouw Brugge (BE), De Bijloke (BE), Klara (BE), Les Festivals de Wallonie (BE), MA Festival (BE), Musica Antica (NL), and Trigonale Festival (AT).
Beniamino Paganini has made significant contributions to the world of recorded music, producing numerous video recordings and five albums with Musica Gloria. Among these recordings are notable titles such as "The Bachs & The Flute" and "Corelli & Handel: Encounters in Rome." His collaborative spirit extends to working on concerts and recordings with various other esteemed ensembles, including Il Gardellino (with Jan De Winne and Marcel Ponseele), Scherzi Musicali (led by Nicolas Achten), B'Rock, and La Petite Bande under the direction of Sigiswald Kuijken.

Beniamino Paganini holds the position of harpsichord accompanist at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles and the Kunstbrug in Gentbrugge. Additionally, he imparts his knowledge by teaching traverso and historically informed interpretation at the academies in Bruges and Gentbrugge.

Beniamino Paganini's journey into early music began at the age of 7, and his passion has remained a constant focus in his life. Commencing his formal education at the Royal Conservatories of Brussels at the age of 16, he continued his studies at the Conservatories of Leuven and The Hague. He successfully earned master's degrees with distinction in Traverso (2016), Harpsichord (2017), and Maestro al Cembalo (2019). In addition, he attained a bachelor's degree in Musicology with distinction in 2018.

Beniamino Paganini pursued a comprehensive musical education, studying traverso with renowned figures such as Barthold Kuijken, Frank Theuns, and Jan De Winne. His exploration of renaissance flute involved guidance from Kate Clark and Patrick Beuckels. In the realm of harpsichord, he honed his skills under the tutelage of Frédérick Haas, Fabio Bonizzoni, and Kris Verhelst. His mastery of Maestro al Cembalo was cultivated under the guidance of Patrick Ayrton. Additionally, he delved into musicology at the KU Leuven, culminating in the attainment of a master's degree in cultural studies.