Laura Pok

recorder, consort

Laura Pok, born in 1976, embarked on her musical journey by enrolling at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles in 1994. Her dedication and talent led to notable achievements, as she secured first prizes with distinction in harmony, counterpoint, and music history. Additionally, she earned higher diplomas in recorder under the guidance of Frédéric de Roos, specialized music theory with Michel Lysight, and chamber music with Guy Van Waas at the Conservatoire Royal de Mons, attaining all three with great distinction.
She also studied the violone with Benoît Vanden Bemden and James Munro.

Laura Pok is an active performer and recording artist, collaborating with various ensembles such as Laterna Magica, Les Muffatti, La Cetra d'Orfeo, Vox luminis, La Lettera amorosa, Les Agrémens, Scherzi Musicali, Alba Novella Brussels Consort, Ensemble 21, Camerata Sferica, Les Belles Dames sans Merci, among others. Notably, she has performed as a soloist with distinguished groups including the Orchestre de chambre de Wallonie, La Pastorella, the Chapelle de Tournai, the Ensemble Orchestral de Bruxelles, and Il Gardellino. Her musical endeavors extend globally, with numerous concerts held in Europe, America, and Asia. Laura Pok is also actively engaged in sharing her expertise, conducting courses and masterclasses focused on the recorder.
Her discography includes Exercitium, transcriptions of Bach work, Handel with care and Mimesis with the ensemble Laterna Magica.

In 2021, Laura Pok, along with Nathalie Houtman, introduced the YouTube channel "Flutes in situ." This channel celebrates the recorder by showcasing its resonance in unconventional and noteworthy locations. Laura Pok shares her expertise as a recorder instructor at the academies of Nivelles, Forest, and Ixelles. Additionally, she teaches reading-transposition and the recorder consort at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. Outside of her musical pursuits, Laura dedicates her spare time to playing the viola da gamba and the lirone. She is also passionate about cooking. In a testament to her diverse interests, she holds a law degree alongside her accomplishments in the field of music.