Ryoko Katayama

accompanist, harpsichord

Ryoko Katayama was born in Japan and earned her piano degree from the Tokyo College of Music (Tokyo Ongaku-Daigaku). Subsequently, she delved into classical ballet accompaniment. Driven by her passion for Baroque music, she made the decision to learn the harpsichord. Opting to study the harpsichord in France, she enrolled at the Villeurbanne music school under the guidance of Anne Dubar and Catherine Lazarus. It was during her time at this school that she also initiated her exploration of baroque dance.

Ryoko Katayama furthered her studies at the Haute École de Musique de Genève, honing her expertise in the art of the harpsichord and accompaniment under the guidance of mentors such as Alfonso Fedi, Leonardo Garcia, and Gabriel Garrido. Following her graduation in Geneva, she decided to continue her profound artistic exploration of the harpsichord with Frédéric Haas at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles. Concurrently, she has remained dedicated to nurturing her passion for baroque dance.

Presently, she is a regular performer with various ensembles, such as "Theatro dei cervelli" alongside Andrés Locatelli, "Rencontres Baroques de Montfrin" with Gabriel Garrido, and "La Note Brève" in Lyon, among others.


  • La note Brève – CD ” Pierre Colin”
  • Il Segreto Delle Muse – CD ” Barbara strozzi” (fév.2024)
  • Le theatro dei cervelli – CD ” Music in Golden-Age Florence” (fév.2024)