Nathalie Houtman pursued studies in both piano and recorder, securing the first prize in piano at the Mons Conservatoire. Additionally, she graduated with first-class honors in recorder from the Brussels Royal Conservatoire under the guidance of Frédéric de Roos. After a year of further study in Amsterdam with Walter Van Hauwe, she continued her musical journey in The Hague, where she attained her Master of Music with First Class Honours.

She has showcased her talents with various ensembles, including La Pastorella, with whom she recorded Corelli's concertos grosso. Additionally, Nathalie has collaborated with Les Muffati ensemble, More Maiorum ensemble, Alba Novella ensemble, and Laterna Magica ensemble, contributing to recordings such as 'Exercitium,' 'Opera Minima,' 'Handel with Care,' and 'Mimesis' CDs. Her versatility is further evident in her collaboration with the Sirocco ensemble for the 'Pedrini' CD and the Apsara ensemble, where she explores contemporary music repertoire.

Nathalie Houtman's fascination with non-European music rooted in oral traditions took her on a journey of exploration. She traveled to India to study the Bansuri (Indian flute) with the renowned Indian flute master Harsh Wardhan. In Paris, she delved into the Shakuhachi (Japanese flute) with Sozan Shiaki Karya, and in China, she immersed herself in the study of the xiao (Chinese flute) with François Picard.
Nathalie Houtman, a laureate of the Belgian Foundation for Vocation in 2007, has earned prestigious first prizes at international competitions, including Bonporti and Pro Musicis. Her collaboration with the Sirocco ensemble also garnered a first prize, showcasing her excellence in the field.

In 2018, Nathalie Houtman directed the documentary 'Souffles Croisés' alongside Laura Pok. The film received acclaim and was selected for various international festivals, including the HEFFI (Helsinki Education Film Festival International 2019), Indie Visions Film Festival, DMOFF (Direct Monthly Online Film Festival), Kalaburagi International Short Film Festival, FFA (Florence Film Awards), and JIFF (Jamaica International Faith Film Festival). It was a semi-finalist at the FilmArte Festival in Madrid and received the 'Best Educational Film Award' at the WUIFF (White Unicorn International Film Festival), along with the 'Best International Short-Length Documentary Award' at the International Documentary Festival Ierapetra.

In 2021, Nathalie Houtman and Laura Pok collaborated to launch the successful YouTube channel 'Flutes in situ: When Music Meets the Spirit of Places.' This innovative channel not only showcases the recorder but also explores extraordinary locations, challenging the instrument's traditional image and resonating well with its audience.

In 2023, she became recorder teacher at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.
Nathalie Houtman's fascination with the therapeutic aspects of sound, dance, and voice prompted her to pursue courses in sonotherapy, including those by Peter Hess, Benezon, and Tama-do.



  • EXERCITIUM (2007 Solal) : ensemble Laterna Magica
  • TEODORICO PEDRINI (2008 ORF) : ensemble Sirocco
  • CORELLI IN LONDON ( 2009 Ricercar) : la Pastorella
  • OPERA MINIMA: Handel with care (2018 Paraty ): ensemble Laterna Magica
  • MIMESIS ( 2022 Paraty ) : ensemble Laterna Magica
  • TANDEM (sortie 2024 Inspire the flute ) : duo Laterna Magica
  • INVENTIO (sortie 2025 Inspire the flute ): duo Laterna Magica

Youtube channel:

  • FlUTES IN SITU , When music meets the spirit of places ( 2021) en co-création avec Laura Pok, Aurélie Maestre Vicario ( réalisation) et Lucas Lauwers ( son).


  • Creation of the series INSPIRE THE FLUTE in 2018 ( Recorders from the ends of the earth) in co-creation with Laura Pok and director Aurélie Maestre Vicario.
  • SOUFFLES CROISES ( 2018): documentary filmed in India - à voir sur YouTube
  • documentary filmed in Nepal in 2023 (release 2024/title to be confirmed)
  • a documentary will be filmed in Bolivia in April 2024 (release 2025/ title to be announced)