Vinciane Baudhuin

chamber music, critical editing (TFE)

Vinciane Baudhuin achieved consecutive First Prizes in Chamber Music and English Horn, along with earning the Diplôme Supérieur de Hautbois and the Master of Baroque Oboe under the tutelage of Paul Dombrecht at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Brussels. Additionally, she pursued studies in baroque oboe with Ku Ebbinge at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Hague.

Unable to choose among her numerous passions, Vinciane Baudhuin pursued a degree in Civil Engineering and Architecture concurrently with her musical studies at the Catholic University of Louvain. She further expanded her academic pursuits by obtaining a Master of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania in the USA.

Vinciane Baudhuin effortlessly navigates the roles of a soloist, chamber musician, and orchestral performer. For several years, she has been a vital member of ensembles such as Il Fondamento, La Petite Bande, and Bach Concentus. Additionally, she is regularly invited to collaborate with renowned groups including Les Muffatti, Anima Eterna, Scherzi Musicali, Wolf, Bachplus, Capriola di Gioia, the Finnish Baroque Orchestra, Ad Mosam, the Brehmer Baroque Orchestra, and the Australian Romantic and Classical Orchestra. Her musical contributions extend to numerous recordings with these esteemed ensembles.

In 2010, she established the DIALOGUES Quartet, a ensemble dedicated to performing the repertoire for oboe and string trio from the period between 1750 and 1820 using period instruments.
Furthermore, she harbors a passion for researching and critically editing lesser-known repertoire.

Vinciane Baudhuin holds the position of lecturer in early chamber music and professor of critical editing (dissertation follow-up) at the Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles. Additionally, she serves as a professor of chamber music at the Conservatoire royal de Mons (ARTS2).


Selective discography

Quatuor Dialogues
  • W.A. Mozart : Gran Partita (Challenge Records)
Australian Romantic and Classical Orchestra
  • L. van Beethoven : Symphonie n°7
La Petite Bande (Sigiswald Kuijken)
  • J.S. Bach : Cantatas for the Complete Liturgical Year, 15 vol. (ACCENT)
  • W.A. Mozart : Cassations, Divertimento (ACCENT)
  • J.S. Bach : h-moll Messe (Challenge Records)
  • J.S. Bach : Matthäuspassion (Challenge Records)
  • J.S. Bach : Johannespassion (Challenge Records)
  • J.S. Bach : Ouvertures (ACCENT)
  • J. S. Bach : Weihnachtsoratorium (Challenge Records)
  • G.P. Telemann : Concertos & Suites (ACCENT)
Bach Concentus (Ewald Demeyere)
  • J.B. Bach & G. P. Telemann : Overtures (ACCENT)
  • G.P. Telemann : Secular Cantatas & Overtures (ACCENT)
  • J.S. Bach’s sons : Symphonies (ACCENT)
  • G.P. Telemann : Overtures & Oboe concerti (Challenge Records)
Il Fondamento (Paul Dombrecht)
  • G.P. Telemann : Ouvertures (Passacaille)
  • J.F. Fasch : Ouvertures (Fuga Libera)
  • J.C. de Arriaga : Orchestral Works, Vocal Works (Fuga Libera)
  • W.A. Mozart : Early symphonies (Passacaille)
  • J.D. Zelenka : De Profundis, Miserere, Requiem (Passacaille)
Anima Eterna (Jos van Immerseel)
  • W.A. Mozart : Die letzten Symphonien, Konzert für Fagott (Zig Zag territoires)
Les Muffatti (Peter Van Heyghen)
  • J.C. Pez : Ouvertures – Concerti (Ramée)
  • R. Keiser : Brockes-Passion (Ramée)

Critical editions

  • Critical edition of the opera Artaserse by J.C. Bach in its entirety, as part of the research project Een historisch gedocumenteerde scenische uitvoering van Johann Christian Bachs opera Artaserse of the Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen (Artesis Hogeschool, collaboration with E. Demeyere and B. Forment)
Production and publication by Castejon Music Editions (C.r.Bruxelles collection) of critical editions of works from the collections of the Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles, some of which are based on the critical edition work (TFE) of students in the early music department:
  • Henri-Jacques de Croes: Concerto primo a flauto traverso (2015, based on work by C.I. Garcia)
  • Charles-Joseph Van Helmont : Cantate Domino
  • Adeste gentes (2016, based on the work of P. Bernfeld)
  • Anton Fils : Flauto solo (2017) -Anton Fils : Oboe solo (2017)
  • Georg Zarth: Solo a flauto traverso con cembalo (2019, based on the work of B. Paganini)